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HSK Mock Exam是 孔子学院总部 汉考国际 官方模拟考试移动端,目前提供HSK、YCT各等级汉语模拟考试,内容经由官方命题组精心编排,考题标准、考点精确,题目数量及用时等均以正式考试为标准进行设定,真实还原汉语考试考场环境,帮助考生了解各等级考试概况,并进行自我评测。

HSK Mock Exam is a mock exam APP of the Confucius Institute Headquarters(Hanban) , the Chinese Testing International Co., Ltd. (CTI). Currently, HSK and YCT Chinese level exams are provided. The content is carefully arranged by the official proposition group. The exam questions, test sites are accurate, the number of questions and time spent are official exams. The standard is set to restore the Chinese test room environment, help the candidates to understand the test level of each level, and conduct self-evaluation.


Test-teaching correlation, raising Chinese level


Turly realize the integration of test and teaching of Chinese,examining students' Chinese level objectively, and optimizing the mode of class grouping.


Rich types, meeting diversified needs

模拟考试包括 HSK 1-6级以及YCT等, 考试类型多样,满足海内外考生多样化需求。

Mock exams include HSK level 1 - 6, and YCT, and feature various types of exams to meet diversified requirements from overseas and domestic students.


Familiarize question types of exam, and prepare for official examination

模拟考试与正式考试汉语考试题型相同,难度相当。考生可用其正确评估自身汉语水平, 选择适合的考试等级参加正式考试。

Mock exam features the same question types and difficulty as the official exam. Candidates could evaluate their Chinese level correctly, and choose the suitable level of exam.


New type, mobile end


Mock exam is not restricted to the traditional, students can have access to mock exams at any place or time.

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